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$125 to start

$99 per month

*$99 monthly payment begins 1 month AFTER your enrollment payment of $125. You can cancel anytime*

Please submit your information on the secure form to enroll with Starlight Credit Repair LLC. After submitting your information, you will be redirected to our scheduling page to schedule your welcome call with our team. Please select a date and time that is convenient for you.

Your enrollment/document processing fee of $125 will be charged to your card once your onboarding is completed. If your onboarding is not completed within 48 hours of your portal being turned on, we will cancel your account with Starlight Credit Repair LLC. Monthly payments ($99) start a month after your enrollment payment and is based on the anniversary date. For example, if your card was charged on the 17th of the month, your payment date will then be set for the 17th of the month moving forward. We do allow clients to move their payment date by up to 3 days. You can request this by sending customer support a message in your client portal.

By clicking submit, you agree to the terms above.

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